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  • Free House Plans

    Green Design for Everyone!

  • It's no secret: FreeGreen’s Free House Plans would not exist without paid placement from product manufacturers. In the same way that television has used advertiser revenues to bring us our favorite programs, FreeGreen is using house plan product placement to promote and disseminate green design for free.

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  • Premium Membership

    For the Serious Home Builder

  • We know that building a home can be a long and winding road. With Premium Membership from FreeGreen you gain access to our full library of house plans. Have your builder price out multiple house plans, take ideas and concepts from your favorite FreeGreen Designs, or use our CAD files to save thousands of dollars on local customization services.

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  • Custom House Plans

    Your Dream House for Less

  • Why buy a stock house plan when FreeGreen can design you a custom one for the same price? FreeGreen can create a custom house plan to meet your dreams and needs for just $1,950. With this service you will receive multiple rounds of design iterations with FreeGreen designers, FreeGreen’s implementation of the latest in Green Building techniques, and both CAD and PDF versions of your final house plan.

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  • House Plans For Sale

    Better House Plans at a Better Price

  • That's right FreeGreen has created a "for-sale" house plan site called Better House Plans. At Better House Plan we offer special FreeGreen House Plans, House Plans from a hand-picked group of the world's best Architects and Desigerns. Also each FreeGreen House Plan comes with 4 hours of FREE Customization Service to get your started on the building of your new home.

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