It’s Easy

All you have to deliver is nine images and image descriptions. No boards, no presentations, no complications. Just nine slides that will be uploaded in a Facebook style onto the competition website.

It’s Affordable

Our entry fee is just $50. Our goal is to get, and promote as many entrants as possible so we created and entry fee that is manageable.

It’s Useful

There is of course $7,000 in total cash prizes.

This is not a just a contest it is a marketing platform. In our last Who's Next Contest our entrants designs were viewed over 1,000,000 times. The entrants received over 30,000 votes, and 15,000 user comments.

Yes you can really get work by entering Who's Next. All of our Top 3 in the last Who's Next Contest received real projects to work with clients on thier design entries. We also received notes from over 20 other entrants telling us about work that came from thier efforts.

As you will see on our Public Voting site, we promote the "for-sale" house plans of our past winners soon to be put up for-sale at Better House Plans.

It’s Impactful

In 2009, Americans began construction on 445,000 single family homes. About 30% of these homes were built from stock house plans. In comparison only about 3%-5% were built using modular (or typically know as “pre-fab”) systems. This means if we as designers want to impact the built world beyond the limitation of custom architecture, we must work together to increase the quality and performance of the house plan industry.

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