The Competitors are required to register for the competition prior to submitting their entries. In order to complete registration, competitors must submit a registration fee. The registration fee is $50 USD for both professionals and students prior to December 7th 2010. Please see the Schedule Section of the Who’s Next Contest Registration Website for more scheduling details. All registering contestants will need to indicate which profile they will be designing for at the time of registration and can change this profile up until the official contest entry submission date.

Registration fees can be paid ONLY on line by credit or debit card. All payments are final; registered Competitors who do not submit an entry will not be refunded.

Payment will occur through (processed by PayPal), via the Who’s Next 2.0 Contest Registration Website. Upon completion of online registration and payment, Competitors will receive a Confirmation E-mail with directions on how to upload their entry (automatically generated by the payment system). Competitors will also receive a manual e-mail with all of the contest profile details, for both contest profiles. See the Submission details below for additional information.

If you do not have access to the internet and would like to participate or if you have any questions, please contact the Design Competition Committee at The Design Competition Committee will make every reasonable effort, in its sole discretion to accommodate you.

Judging Process:

First Round Judging:

The first round of judging will occur over the First Round Judging dates listed on the Who’s Next 2.0 Contest Website. The jury for this first round of judging will consist of FreeGreen’s internal design and engineering staff, as well as, a hand-picked focus group (for each profile) which represents the demographic and style tastes represented in each contest profile.

Through this first round of judging a list of the Top 50 contest entries will be established (based on the judging criteria listed below). These top 50 entries will be posted back to the Who’s Next 2.0 Public Voting Website in preparation for the Final Round Judging.

Final Round Judging:

The final round of judging will occur over the Final Round Judging dates listed on the Who’s Next 2.0 Contest Website. This final round of judging will include input from both the Named Jury (listed in the Jury Section of the Who’s Next 2.0 Contest Website) as well as Public Voting which will be conducted via the Who’s Next 2.0 Public Voting Website (over the time period listed in the Schedule section of the Who’s Next 2.0 Contest Registration Website).

In this final round of judging the Jury’s vote will count for 75% of the final round judging score for each design, while the Public Voting will count for 25% of the final round judging score. In order to facilitate this, at the end of the Public Voting period, each design entry will be listed 1 thru 50 based on the total number of votes that they have received (entry number one is the entry with the most votes). The jury will then independently rank the designs (based on the judging criteria below) 1 thru 50 with the design entry that they find the best, being number one. Next each entries Public Voting Rank will be multiplied by 25%, and each entries Jury Rank will be multiplied by 75%. These sum of these two modified Rank Scores will be added together for each entry giving each entry a Final Score. The design with the lowest score will be the winner. Any ties in scoring will go to the Jury for a final decision.

The entry with the lowest final score will win the Best in Show prize, and the designs (excluding the Best in Show Entry) with the lowest final scores for each Contest Profile will be awarded the Best In Class prizes. The Who's Next Contest Team will publish the Top 50 Rankings for all designs and will offer feedback to each of the Top 50 Entries.


The Who’s Next 2.0 Judging Criteria is as follows:

  • Livability: Has the design entry met the needs, requirements, and desires represented in the Contest Profile for which the entry has been designed.
  • Affordability: Could the design be built for the targeted budget range of $220,000 to $410,000. It is understood that all entries are only schematic designs, and best efforts will be made by the Jury to interpret design intent and establish reasonable estimates on cost.
  • Clarity: Does the entry have clear, concise, and appropriate description text with each image that explains how the entry (and a given representation) is addressing a given Contest Profile, or General Contest requirement.
  • Buildability: Could this house actually be built. Please remember that this competition is looking to help change the residential design landscape. If you cannot build a home, then you cannot create real change.
  • Representation: Different architects work in different ways. Some emphasize photo realistic renderings while others focus on perfecting traditional architectural drawings. We think that all types of representation are great, but we are specifically looking for entries that show high quality representation, and create strong entry identities.


The competition is open to all interested parties throughout the world, regardless of age (although you must be at least 18 years old), discipline, and professional status. Students are welcome and encouraged to enter. Entrants may submit work independently or as a group or through the instructor.

The following are exceptions to eligibility: The firms, professional partners, and immediate family members of the Competition jurors.

Submission Deadline:

All submissions must be received via email by 5:00 pm EST Monday, December 20th, 2010.


There will be no anonymity in this contest. Entrants will actually be encouraged to associate your name, firm, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and other properties with your entry. Our goal is to introduce entrants to the FreeGreen audience and to help get all contest entrants work.


Any and all materials and ideas submitted as part of a competition entry, including but not limited to drawings, renderings, photographs, photocopies, digital files, ideas and derivative works, shall remain in your property after the competition is over. The only exception to this rule is that all winning contestants agree to give FreeGreen the right to post their house plans (if you are a winner) to the Better House Plans environment, and FreeGreen retains the right to use all drawings, renderings, photographs, photocopies, digital files, ideas and derivative works for contest and other marketing purposes. You will retain rights to all house plan documents created by FreeGreen Inc. and may use them in any way that you wish.


Competitors will be required to submit (via the competition web form) 9 images of their design. Competitors will have the ability to write text to describe each of their images. Competitors will also be encouraged to list their related contact information, websites, and other properties to represent themselves with their entries. All images can be submitted in a .jpg format and can be up to 990 X 660 (pixels) in size. All images must be submitted in RGB format to show up correct on the Who’s Next 2.0 Pubic Voting website, and it is expected that all submitted images will be optimized for web viewing at 72DPI.

Entry Submission:

All information and files must be submitted via the contests online form. The web address for this contest's online upload form will given to each competitor in their Registration Confirmation E-mail. Competitors may add files and text as necessary prior to the submission deadline; however, all entries must be submitted (via the online entry form) by the final deadline. Any files submitted after this deadline will be disqualified and deleted without being viewed. Submissions may not be delivered in person, by mail, or by e-mail.


Disputes or questions of interpretation arising out of the Competition Rules and Regulations or Registration will be considered by FreeGreen Inc., who will render a final determination.

The jury, by a majority vote, possesses the sole authority and responsibility to recommend winners at the end of the Competition. Any disputes will be resolved by FreeGreen Inc.

By registering to enter the Competition, entrants affirm that they have read and accepted these Rules and Regulations.

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