As you may have read on this website, our first Who's Next Contest was an amazing sucess. See below for the Who's Next 1.0 Contest Highlights, and the great Press, PR, and Promotion that this contest received. We expect all of this to be even better for Who's Next 2.0.

Who's Next 1.0 Entrants Received:

  • 1,000,000+ Entry Views
  • 133,000+ People Viewing Entries
  • 30,000+ Votes for Their Entries
  • 15,000+ Comments on Their Entries
  • 100’s of Leads for Work From Their Entries

Who's Next 1.0 Entrant Testimonials

Andres Serpa, Architect, & Nicole Lee, Engineer: "Who's Next competition gave us the opportunity to generate an interdisciplinary project combining the architectural design and environmental engineering in order to discover new methodologies for Eco-housing. The result gave us the chance to work with some developers and to participate in the Earth Awards 2010."

Lindsey Rhoden, AIA: "We entered the Free Green Competition because we were drawn to the program, scale, challenge and also the creative freedom that most typical projects are without. Despite our awareness of the online public viewing, I don't think the three of us really understood the potential and opportunity to market our design. We are delighted to have interest in building our home from new contacts in Texas, Oregon and also our home state, North Carolina! The competition has been rewarding in two ways; making the Top 12 but also having our design viewed by the general public which could result with a built home."

Alan Knox: "The exposure in the Who’s Next contest has been great. I have recently received two project leads as a result of people seeing my entry and wanting to learn more about the design."

Daryl Rantis, RA: "Entering the Free Green Who's Next house contest has taught me a valuable lesson about promoting my firms work. The online voting encouraged me to embrace social media in ways I never thought. In addition I was also force to examine my deign philosophies, solidifying my beliefs in ecologically responsible design. I also received a number leads for work on, and sales of, my Who’s Next entry. I am looking forward to getting my entry up onto FreeGreen’s “for-sale” house plans site, and getting into the house plans industry."

Major Press from Who's Next 1.0

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