• views: 2983
  • votes: 49
  • comments: 6
  • profile: The Traditional Family
  • area: 1980 SF
  • bedrooms: 3
  • bathrooms: 2.5
  • garage stalls: 1 & 1 CARPORT
  • floor: 2 & BASEMENT OPTIONAL
  • depth: 47'-6"
  • width: 24'-10"


  • 1/29/2011

    Diana Woods: I like the idea of open flow in the first floor and connection with outdoor space yet each function space is self defined. The consideration of variations lot size and external facade is a plus for this design, it tailors to typical neighborhoods in both urban and suburban setting. However, the glass wall leading to the outdoor space could be bit smaller. Overall, this design has many potentials in achievable sustainable living and could be easily customized for design-build.
  • 1/29/2011

    Alex T: This is one of few entries that stand out of being realistic and approachable. Although it doesn't provide too many technical details, the various design options and use cases for typical lot sizes make it appealing to mass market and builders.
  • 1/24/2011

    Michael M Zhu: I like this design. It has complicated thoughts with simple and clear solution believe that this is the right design done by experienced designer. Interior design is very modem and clean as well as with lots of green elements. My only suggestion is that three green diagrams should have more detailed notes and descriptions for how green concept works.
  • 1/18/2011

    Melodys Dad: This design is given as much attention as it deserves. One of the best examples I have seen of quality green house design. I admire the craftsmanship and creativity of this designer. Look at the exterior, I like the openness. It accommodates more flexibility. Dividing interior spaces by furniture instead of walls is a great idea. It provides more space, excellent natural ventilation, day lighting and energy saving. This design has convinced me that anyone with a dream of owning a new house soon, they should take look this green house design. It is great to have building green that doesn't have to cost more or take longer, right?
  • 1/18/2011

    Biliang Zhou: WOW!!! I dream about owning a house like this. It would be both economic and environmentally friendly to operate. The bamboo flooring is my favorite, since bamboo grows ten times faster than trees, making it a green resource.
  • 1/18/2011

    Jean Marais: Your presentation (including website) is breathtaking. As a seller it is fantastic. I love the whole concept. The layout and fit together is a dream house for me. I could probably not afford that for sometime...but maybe someday. Personally, I would only change a few details. 1) I would not make the glass facade all the way down to the finished floor level on ground level. Remember that no matter how fantastic the glass, it simply can't beat a wall for keeping the heat in or having the thermal mass of a wall. Even a small % reduction of the window to wall ratio is significant on energy conservation. 2) I would consider rethinking where the heat barrier is on the outer envelope...for example the garage wall, next to the entrance need not be so thick all the way down to the stairs. I would chop away a little from the inside of the garage...I can always do with more space in the garage. 3) I know it's a bit unsightly and takes up space, but I wouldn't want the rainwater tank underground. Too expensive. Unless I'm in a very cold climate where one can avoid freeze damage or something by doing this. Also you don't need a pump if it's above ground, which is one less worry. These suggestions I wouldn't put in the sales presentation, which is fantastic as I said. Maybe mention water saving sanitary solutions, and presence sensors for certain lights. The roof fan is a good idea. The solar panel water heater is always my favourite. It may have been better to scrap the dining table somehow and make an open plan kitchen to the lounge, but that means an entirely different concept so scratch this last statement. I love the porch and green area. I love the layouts both levels and the squareness of important rooms (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom). I love pantries. I love the combination of walk though/by/in closet to the main bathroom. Great job. Well done. One sees the effort that went into this. If I had the means I would buy one of these. Regards, Jean.

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